ABIM-Ellips 142 (length 14,20 m.)

We proudly present our newest motor yacht: the ABIM-Ellips 142. A very luxurious steel motor yacht with a length of 14.20 metres, suitable for large waters.

ABIM Yachting enters the world of seaworthy motor yachts with the Ellips. With its high-quality workmanship and all attention to comfort, the ABIM-Ellips 142 is a striking appearance on the water.

The yacht is equipped with a stabilizer, which ensures comfort and safety at sea (also at low speeds). Other eye-catching features include a heated aft deck, interior with floor heating, a wireless network, a large master bedroom with a separate shower and toilet in the back.

There is also a spacious cabin with sleeping accommodation and a toilet and shower room in the fore part of the ship. The extremely comfortable luxury saloon and the spacious kitchen complement the interior. Everything has been finished to the highest standards in beautiful matching woods.

The stylish ABIM-Ellips 142 is a wonderful new addition to the range of motor yachts from ABIM Yachting, aimed at owners who only go for the best.